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Testimonies show ARIIX Slenderiix to be Potent, Fast & Effective

ARIIX Slenderiix A lot of you may have already heard of the new talk of the town right now called ARIIX Slenderiix, which has led to some very unbelievable results and testimonies from many different types of people. It may be one of the most intriguing weight loss programs yet. The truth about the ARIIX […]

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Side Effects of L Theanine

L Theanine As discussed earlier, L Theanine, in summary, is a naturally occurring substance that is commonly extracted from green tea. It is touted as an all around supplement that helps prevent anxiety and relaxes the mind and yet doesn’t cause drowsiness. It also has immune boosting properties and lowers the blood pressure. It is […]

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L Theanine Dosage

L Theanine Now we all know the wonderful benefits we can get from using LTheanine which is used to help treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and help increase focus and attention.  Although, L Theanine has been scientifically proven to work in these situations, there is however, no set L Theanine dosage as of yet.  Every individual is […]

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L Theanine VS Suntheanine

L Theanine Now that we have finished discussing L Theanine, which is found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix, let us now compare it to another similar nutritional supplement called Suntheanine. Suntheanine is a nutraceutical or otherwise known as a nutritional supplement which is natural. It is a branded version of L Theanine. If you have heard of green tea, […]

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