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Testimonies show ARIIX Slenderiix to be Potent, Fast & Effective

ARIIX Slenderiix

A lot of you may have already heard of the new talk of the town right now called ARIIX Slenderiix, which has led to some very unbelievable results and testimonies from many different types of people. It may be one of the most intriguing weight loss programs yet.

ariix slenderiixThe truth about the ARIIX Slenderiix

ARIIX Slenderiix is selling like hotcakes

A mom who gained a lot of weight on her pregnancy lost twenty five pounds (25 lbs), but later on, as many of us do, she gained the 25 pounds back plus an additional five pounds!  Can you believe that as soon as she started using the new ARIIX Slenderiix, she immediately lost twenty one pounds (21 lbs) in just eighteen days (18 days) without any rebound effects whatsoever! Some even  lost eleven pounds (11 lbs) in just one week of using the products, with side effects such as smoother and healthier looking skin in a super fast and super efficient way. Some also even testified that they have already tried all humanly possible diets that they can think of like starvation diets, lemonade diets, cayenne diet, but not a single one of them worked…not until they got a hold of the ARIIX Slenderiix making some of them amazingly lose twenty five pounds (25 lbs) in thirty days (30 days). That is close to losing one pound a day!

Other people’s cravings were also stopped as soon as they started drinking and using the ARIIX Slenderiix. Some even still lost a few pounds on areas like the lower abdomen even at the end of thirty days (30 days). The testimonies do not stop there, one even said that he fought really hard to lose weight and even stopped eating almost any food that existed just to lose weight but still nothing happened. He got hopeless and never thought that there was a chance for him to achieve his ideal weight until he got invited to become one of the beta testers for the ARIIX Slenderiix, which then made him lose twenty nine pounds (29 lbs) in thirty days (30 days).

There are still lots and lots of growing testimonials all proving the potency and effectiveness of the ARIIX Slenderiix in weight loss success, but there are already too many to mention. Despite the numerous testimonies, one can conclude that all these lead to one single point and that is the fact that the ARIIX Slenderiix truly does work!

So, how does the ARIIX Slenderiix work then? Let us start by first learning what a hypothalamus is and what it does. The hypothalamus is the one responsible for regulating metabolic rate, fat storage and deposits, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and adrenals. What the ARIIX Slenderiix does is cause the hypothalamus to mobilize fat out of the fatty storage areas inside the body. By doing this, the ARIIX Slenderiix successfully causes the release of fat especially the fats deposited around the waistline,  otherwise known as love handles.

Rest assured the ARIIX Slenderiix is just as safe as it is potent! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the product. But for now, all I know is that if you are not satisfied with your weight, then you should purchase your very own ARIIX Slenderiix now! Help yourself or other people you know quick because they are selling out like hotcakes! Don’t miss this breakthrough for it may be the last.

Side Effects of L Theanine

L Theanine

As discussed earlier, L Theanine, in summary, is a naturally occurring substance that is commonly extracted from green tea. It is touted as an all around supplement that helps prevent anxiety and relaxes the mind and yet doesn’t cause drowsiness. It also has immune boosting properties and lowers the blood pressure. It is a rare supplement, and an even rarer drug that can be said to have no proven negative side effects. Studies performed with L Theanine have established strong benefits but have been unable to show if this supplement has any negative side effects.

l theanine ariix rejuveniixL Theanine and Side Effects?

Know if L Theanine found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix has possible side effects

However, there might be some possible interactions when using L Theanine that can cause problems. So far, there is no research indicating that L Theanine is problematic when used with any pharmaceutical. L Theanine has been  the subject of a 1995 rat study where groups of rats with high blood pressure were given this supplement/drug. The group of rats with high blood pressure had their blood pressure reduced with the supplement, and just as significantly, the same study indicated that the control group, rats with normal blood pressure, did not experience a drop in blood pressure when given L Theanine.  However, individuals taking hypertensive drugs should probably consult a medical professional before using this supplement because although L Theanine doesn’t seem to affect normal blood pressure, medications for hypertension may not be as selective. Combining a drug for hypertension with L Theanine might possibly produce unwanted side effects and thus consulting with a medical professional is what is most recommended.

L Theanine is also known for its relaxant properties. This effect is produced without the usual drowsiness that accompanies even natural relaxants. Generally, L Theanine is said to produce a relaxed but alert mental state with more Alpha Waves. However, if an individual is also taking sedatives or hypnotics their effect might be magnified. Depressants such as alcohol might also enhance that. Again, there are no studies that indicate this is a potential side effect but anyone taking hypnotics may wish to consult with a medical professional before adding L Theanine supplements. Individuals, who take medications that are intended to have a stimulant effect on the nervous system and which tend to make them jittery, may have that side effect reduced since L Theanine has a calming effect. Whether this is a negative side effect or not depends on the medication and purpose, but it is a possible interaction. No conclusive studies have been done in this area since feeling jittery or anxious is rarely considered a desirable state.

Although it is not possible to find conclusive evidence or even suggestive studies that L Theanine has negative side effects, every person is different and their reaction to any supplement can vary from time to time. As with any supplement, a medical professional’s advice should really be sought before administering it to children or pregnant women.  Some consideration should also be given as to possible interactions with prescription medications such as those used to treat high blood pressure or any medication intended to relax or calm an individual. In general, L Theanine is a naturally occurring supplement considered very safe and which can produce benefits with few side effects in the average human being.

L Theanine Dosage

L Theanine

Now we all know the wonderful benefits we can get from using LTheanine which is used to help treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and help increase focus and attention.  Although, L Theanine has been scientifically proven to work in these situations, there is however, no set L Theanine dosage as of yet.  Every individual is different and every body system is also unique and different; so everyone should start with following the recommended direction on the ARIIX product’s label.  This will ensure safety, and users should not experience any side effects.

ariix rejuveniix l theanine dosageHow much L Theanine should you be taking?

The L Theanine found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix and its dosage

For focus and attention, various medical studies have been conducted with L Theanine.  Study dosages ranged from 50mgs-200mgs.  Studies have shown that even 50mgs is enough to improve attention and focus, however, a minimum dosage of 100mgs appears to be more ideal.  If using L Theanine for focus and attention is your main use for the supplement, you may want to include caffeine into the mix as well. Although research shows L Theanine is effective for focus, attention, and alertness, combined with caffeine makes it considerably more effective.  If you are one who doesn’t like the effects that caffeine gives, even a small dosage will help greatly. Continue reading

L Theanine VS Suntheanine

L Theanine

Now that we have finished discussing L Theanine, which is found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix, let us now compare it to another similar nutritional supplement called Suntheanine. Suntheanine is a nutraceutical or otherwise known as a nutritional supplement which is natural. It is a branded version of L Theanine. If you have heard of green tea, which is known for its calming and de-stressing effects along with anti-oxidant properties, then you will recognize that the active ingredient which is beneficial in the green tea is L Theanine. Green tea has already been used numerous times in ancient Japan and is known for its holistic and positive effects. It actually promotes alpha waves in the brain. Otherwise these waves are present only after deep meditation.

ariix rejuveniix l theanine and suntheanineThe difference between L Theanine and Suntheanine

The L Theanine found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix and its potency

Compared to L Theanine, Suntheanine also has its own set of benefits. It is relaxing, it is calming, without making you feel sleepy or drowsy, it decreases the side effects of ephedrine and caffeine, it reduces hypertension and sleep disturbances which are associated with high doses of caffeine. Continue reading